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Quanzhou Shengyuan Police Reconnaissance Equipment Co., Ltd.

Scope of business: military police investigation equipment, military police security
条 Number of products: 121
Business model: production enterprises

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# Products ├Enforcement equipment │ ├Restraint belt │ ├Police equipment │ └Police multifunctional belt │ ├Police catcher │ 不锈钢 Stainless steel fork for police ├Protective equipment │ ├Bulletproof helmet│ Mask│ ├Bulletproof clothing│ │ Soft bulletproof clothing│ ├Bulletproof shield│ │ ├Hand-held bulletproof shield│ │ └Wheel bulletproof shield Clothing │ ├riot gear and riot gear│ riot gear│ ├explosion shield│ ├other│ └riot communication helmet ├warning lamp│ ├safety shoulder light│ ├other sign lamps│ └small warning light series│ └small warning light ├Expulsion for security inspection │ ├Others │ └ 检 Security inspection equipment │ └ 检查 Other safety inspection equipment │ 非线性 Non-linear node detector │ ├Radiation and radiation safety inspection system │ │ └ Vehicle-mounted X-ray safety inspection system │ Destruction equipment │ ├Non-magnetic tool set │ ├Explosion -proof manipulator│ ├Explosion-proof tank│ ├Explosion-proof fence and blanket│ ├Explosive-proof clothing│ └Search explosion-proof clothing├Road management│ ├Wine Precision detector │ ├Road traffic signal lights │ ├LED electronic display │ ├Reflective and luminous clothing │ └ Reflective vest │ Reflective lighting facilities │ │Reflective road signs │ Reflective road cones and roadblocks │Reflective light emitting materials ├Anti-terrorist attack│ ├Long-range sound wave controller│ ├Riot flares│ └Counter-terrorism rescue equipment├Fire rescue│ ├Rescue tools│ └Others ├Technical detection equipment│ └Multi-band light source

Company address: No. 1089-1125, Nanhuan Road, Licheng District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province

Contact: Manager Zhang
Phone: 18065581006
fax number:
mobile phone number:
Website: http://www.sy-police.cn
QQ: 1801860712

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