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Shenzhen Siyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Business Scope: Professional LED Optoelectronics Consumer Electronics
条 Number of products: 4
Business model: production enterprises

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Company address: F619-20, Long Taili Science and Technology Building, No. 30, High-tech Middle Road, High-tech Industrial Park, Shenzhen

Contact: kairy
Phone: 075582867534
fax number:
mobile phone number:
Website: http://www.siyuanchina.com
QQ: 573499589

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Shenzhen Siyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional LED optoelectronic consumer electronics product R & D, manufacturing and solution supplier. Its own brands are "SuperScouter", coolboy "," Digicool "," Night Eagle "," Thousand Miles Shooting ". In 2005, Siyuan International Investment Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with independent import and export rights located in the incubation base of Shenzhen Virtual University Park. It specializes in the development and production of infrared night vision cameras and other LED optoelectronic consumer products. Electronic products. 32 patents have been obtained and 3 new patents are under review. At present, special cameras such as "Senior Shoot" and "SuperScouter" have grown into leading brands in the industry. The company has applied for high-tech dual-software enterprise qualifications and several VC company discusses cooperation matters. At present, the company mainly produces and sells consumer electronics high-tech products such as infrared cameras, hunting cameras, digital video cameras, surveillance cameras, and digital telescopes for wild animals. 100% of its products have obtained FCC / CE / RoHs certification. It has been sold to more than 40 countries in Europe and America. The supporting production factory has more than 30,000 square meters of production workshops, and has more than 300 outstanding employees. The factory strictly implements quality management control in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system standard. Siyuan Digital Technology adheres to the concept of "innovation as the root, integrity-based, Siyuan as the standard" and is willing to work with customers to establish long-term and stable strategic partnerships. Siyuan CIC Investment Holdings has: Shenzhen Siyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Weigel Electronic Co., Ltd., Guangdong Liqi Industrial Co., Ltd., Foshan Shunde Huangertai Furniture Co., Ltd., Weibo Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited Company, Shenzhen Lianyingtong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., etc.