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Hu Chuanping

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Hu Chuanping, deputy director of China International Police Equipment Network Expert Database, is a researcher at the Railway Police Academy. He successively served as Deputy Director, Assistant Researcher, Deputy Researcher, Director, Researcher, and Director of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security.

Hu Chuanping is an academic leader in the field of fire protection and public security mechatronics equipment. For many years, he has been fighting in the forefront of public security research. He is committed to high-tech and cutting-edge technology research in fire rescue, fire risk assessment, security monitoring and information security. In the aspects of fire planning technology and structured description technology of surveillance video information, a number of original and breakthrough results have been achieved, and the engineering and practical applications have achieved remarkable results. He has won 11 national and provincial ministerial science and technology progress awards, published 22 papers, edited 3 books, and applied for 28 patents (26 authorized), which has made outstanding contributions to the development of China's public safety science and technology.

Hu Chuanping led and organized more than 200 national and scientific research projects including the National Eighth Five-Year Plan, the Ninth Five-Year Plan, and the Tenth Five-Year Plan. "," 973 & rdquo; scientific research projects including planned projects, national standards and norms projects, research projects of the Ministry of Public Security, and major scientific and technological projects in Shanghai, many of which have won the National and Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Awards. After being transferred to the three directors, he focused on the business areas and work characteristics of the three institutes, focusing on the "12th Five-Year Plan" demonstration of the National Science and Technology Support Program and the new requirements for the informationization of public security work, and actively planned for information network security and public security matters. Networking technology and other major scientific research projects, and the first in China to put forward the innovative ideas of video information structured description technology, has achieved staged results, showing good application and development prospects, has been praised by relevant departments and experts.

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