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China Public Safety 2018. Government Edition

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Police equipment network news:

Important News

08 The Science and Technology Information Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security organized the National Public Security Video Construction and Application Promotion Conference

Special Report

10 The first global biometric conference opens in Shenzhen / CPS

14 China International Public Security Products Fair ends successfully / Beijing Anbo Organizing Committee

Video Surveillance

18 Reflections on the Application of Open Standards for Security Video Products / Bao Yiming

20 Brief Analysis on Video Fusion Methods of Five Major Subsystems of Video Fusion Command System / Li Lei

24 Research on Construction Method of Video Surveillance Knowledge Map / Li Chao

28 Research on Unconscious Emotion Recognition and Analysis System Based on Deep Learning Technology / Zhao Xueyi et al

Police Force Technology

30 Security screening and countermeasures of suspicious emails related to terrorism / Lu Zhenzhe, etc.

33 Sensitivity analysis of pyrotechnics / Qi Huajie et al

36 New Thoughts on the Disposal of Wireless Remote Controlled Explosive Devices / Yang Long et al

40 Large-scale Multi-objective Limited Arc Routing Algorithm / Zheng Wen

45 On-site Disposal of Suspected Explosives Cases / Du Shuli, etc.

Interview with People

47 Strictly guarding information network security to escort the development of the public safety industry

——Interview with National Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Security and Alarm System

National Network and Information System Security Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center

Bao Yiming / Ding Zhaowei, Executive Deputy Director of the Certification Center of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security

51 Ding Yanhui: Adhering to the "true" culture, helping the brand to be strong!

——Remember Ding Yanhui, Chairman of Shenzhen Abison Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Smart City Construction

55 Academician's point of view: What are the core technologies to support the development of smart cities / Zhang Baoshu

57 Research on the Construction of Intelligent Governance System in Very Large Cities——Based on Holistic Governance Theory / Zhang Yun et al

61 Six Factors Affecting the Construction of Smart City from System Thinking / Zhang Ling

63 How does the building intercom transform and develop in the era of the intelligent IoT? / National Security Association

Actual Combat Training

65 Difficulties and countermeasures of counter-terrorist attacks under the concept of "zero tolerance" counter-terrorism / Sang Qiujia, etc.

69 On Long-distance Disposal of Explosive Sites / Liao Jun

71 Brief Analysis on the Construction of Suzhou City Public Transport Security Inspection Professional Team / Yan Jiaqi, etc.

74 Analysis on "Three Major Elements" in Police Dog Training / Feng Yufan, etc.

Anti-terrorism & EOD

78 Thoughts on Strengthening Explosion-proof Security Inspection of Major Military Activities in the New Situation / Liu Gang

82 Review and reflection on the demolition of two explosive devices in Yongcheng / Qiao Zhiqiang, etc.

86 Thoughts and Countermeasures Caused by the Explosion of Domestic Waste Compression Station / Sun Hongyan, etc.

89 Talking about How to Do Well the Explosion-proof Security Inspection of Important Events / Xu Haijun, etc.

91 Research on the situation and countermeasures of China's anti-explosion terrorist attacks in the new situation / Guo Wei et al

Overseas Security

94 Research on the Construction of the Security Prevention System of Overseas Chinese Enterprises in the Belt and Road Initiative / Chen Wenjing

97 Research on Private Security Companies in the Construction of "Belt and Road" Security Guarantee System / Liu Bo

102 Application Prospects of Innovative Security Products in Modern Smart Security / Xia Guoping

107 "Belt and Road" overseas security service model / Zou Yong

Industry News

112 Communication training accelerates the implementation of smart security landing

115 Joint Press Conference on Network Security Certification and Video Surveillance Product GA Certification Held in Shanghai

116 The 4th Lianyungang Forum Exhibition and National Security Association Alliance Symposium Held

118 China-ASEAN Smart Security Forum Held in Luan

119 Yang Jincai, chairman of the National Security Association, visited South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines

120 China · Nanjing Smart Public Safety Summit Forum & Smart Security Expo successfully concluded

121 2018 China UAV Industry Development Summit Forum Held in Foshan

122 World UAV Federation hires former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama as honorary chairman

123 "Chi Meimei Kunshan" Security Forum and Kunan Association Member Conference Held

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