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Amazon develops hand recognition technology

2020-01-03 14:44:55 Source: Omelette

Police equipment network news: In the future, just scan our hand and you can pay quickly. Fang is not convenient, happy to open?

Amazon has applied for a technology patent that can identify by scanning wrinkles on the palm and the pattern of veins under the skin under the irradiation of infrared light.

Previous reports have suggested that a Seattle-based tech giant could deploy a hand scanner in Whole Foods grocery stores. However, according to a patent application disclosed by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday, it appears that the e-commerce giant intends to deploy it in the Amazon Go store.

Many of the inventors mentioned in the patent application include Amazon Go executives, vice president Dili Kumar, and senior manager Manoj Aggarwal. Nikolai Orlov, an engineer who previously led the Amazon Go project, is also on the list.

Although fingerprint scanning has been around for years, Amazon wants to develop a touchless identification system.

Imagine hanging your hand in front of an infrared light-one set of instruments scans the appearance of the hand, and the other tracks "deeper features, such as vein distribution." The computer connected to the background database matches the information of the two scan results to determine the identity of the user.

In a patent application, Amazon said: "Accurate and fast identification of user information has multiple applications. For example, you can manage access to material handling facilities, offices, transportation facilities or other locations based on user identity."

In another example, identity information can be linked to a bank account. Amazon says internal management systems can track customers' choices from shelves and help build big data.

What about privacy?

In the fight against account intruders, a hand scan should be more reliable than a credit card. "The traditional system for identifying users has many significant flaws, including insensitivity to fraud, speed, accuracy and operational limitations," Amazon said.

Biometric systems address this issue with features that are “difficult to copy or unable to copy or transfer”. It's unclear what Amazon plans, and when it will be possible to see a hand-scanning device in a supermarket.

If implemented, the move will provide more user information to technology giants, and privacy and security have become major concerns for consumers and governments.

Like facial recognition technology, a hand scanner that can read your vein patterns raises questions about the use of biological data. After all, it is easy to change your password or close your account after a data breach, but you are unlikely to be able to change the vein structure in your body.

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