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Wuqiao County Public Security Bureau Announcement of Removable Modular Police Equipment

2020-01-10 10:38:27 Source: Electronic trading platform for bidding and tendering of mechanical and electrical products

Police equipment network news:

Purchase Item Number: HBZC-CZ2019290

Buyer name: Public Security Bureau

Buyer Contact: 13832705882

Purchaser's address: 275 Jialingjiang Road, Wuqiao County

Full name of purchasing agency: Hebei Zhicheng Tendering Co., Ltd.

Purchasing agent address: 14th floor, Mong Kok International, at the intersection of Xinshi North Road and Shi Tong Road, Shijiazhuang City

Contact of Purchasing Agency: 17041567136

Project implementation location: designated by the purchaser

Purchase content: mobile modular police equipment

Xun Jie An Fire and Rescue Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

2408, Building 1, Changfu Jinmao Building, Huahua Road, Fubao Street, Futian District, Shenzhen

See inquiry document for details

See inquiry document for details

See inquiry document for details


See inquiry document for details

Wuqiao County Public Security Bureau Mobile Modular Police Equipment Inquiry Document

Procurement announcement period: December 30, 2019


Calibration date: January 08, 2020

Bid Opening Place: Bid Opening Room of Wuqiao County Public Resources Trading Center

Place for Bid Evaluation: Bid Evaluation Office of Wuqiao County Public Resources Trading Center

Media for this announcement: China Hebei Government Procurement Network, Hebei Public Resources Trading Service Platform

fax telephone:

Acceptance questioning phone: 17041567136

Remarks: If the bid supplier considers that the transaction announcement has caused its legal rights and interests to be damaged, it may, within 7 working days from the date of knowing or acknowledging that its rights and interests have been damaged, raise a question in writing to the tendering and purchasing unit.

List of members of the evaluation committee: Li Jian (representative of the purchaser), Wang Wei (director), Li Min's agency fees and charges: refer to the provisions of the National Development Planning Commission's Accounting [2002] No. 1980 "Interim Measures for the Administration of the Bidding Agency Service Fees" Count. Agency fee fee amount: 6897

Press releases are welcome to contact directly: QQ 34004818 WeChat public account: cpsjyzb

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