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Ganzhou Xingye Bidding Agency Co., Ltd. Announces the Result of Competitive Negotiations on the Signs of the Traffic Management Brigade of Yudu County Public Security Bureau in Jiangxi Province (Project Number: GZXY2019-YD-J046)

2020-01-10 10:41:35 Source: Electronic trading platform for bidding and tendering of mechanical and electrical products
Keywords: traffic signs

Police equipment network news:

Entrusted by the Traffic Management Brigade of Yudu County Public Security Bureau of Jiangxi Province, Ganzhou Xingye Bidding Agency Co., Ltd. conducted competitive negotiations on its signs and other items. The competitive negotiation procurement announcement was issued on December 31, 2019, and the negotiation activities were in 2020 At 9:30 (Beijing time) on January 8, 2014, it was held on the eighth floor of Duxian Public Resources Trading Center. As assessed by the negotiation team and confirmed by the purchaser, the transaction results are now publicized as follows:


The total amount of the transaction: Sanshizhuangwan Sanlu Lubaiquan Shiyuan whole (343690.00)

Main services

Sign a contract with the purchaser within the specified time and supply within 10 days after signing the contract, including installation and commissioning, and provide a one-year warranty.


Jiangxi Qihe Technology Co., Ltd.

Dealing Supplier Address

1402, Building 3, Ganzhou Central City, 22 Mianjiang Road, Zhanggong District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province

The publicity period of this transaction result announcement is one working day. If all relevant parties have objections to the transaction result, they can raise a question in writing within seven working days after the date of this announcement's publication.

Members of the negotiating team: Li Chengxiu (leader), Pan Jieqing, Li Gang

Purchasing unit: Traffic Management Brigade, Yudu County Public Security Bureau, Jiangxi Province

Contact: Mr. Huang

Phone: 13576698682

Contact address: Yudu County

Government procurement agency: Ganzhou Xingye Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

Contact: Ms. Zhao

Phone: 0797-6369088

Government procurement supervision telephone: 0797-6339915

Ganzhou Xingye Bidding Agency Co., Ltd.

The amount of agency fees for this project is 7200.0 yuan

Bid number: GZXY2019-YD-J046

Jury names: Li Chengxiu, Pan Jieqing, Li Gang

download attachment:

Notice of Bid.pdf

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Press releases are welcome to contact directly: QQ 34004818 WeChat public account: cpsjyzb

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