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Qingxin Internet won the "Glory Security-AIoT Empowerment Excellent Solution Award"

2020-01-11 13:48:05 Source: Police Equipment Network

On June 19, 2019, the "CSIEC Second China Security Industry Empowerment Conference and" Glory Security "Awards Ceremony" hosted by the National Security Association Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Alliance and CPS China Security Network was held in Shenzhen. Expert leaders, technical experts from well-known companies, and professors and scholars from related major domestic universities and colleges attended the ceremony to celebrate the feast of the security industry. Anhui Qingxin Internet Information Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Smart Site" IoT big data application feature program. "Honor Security-AIoT Empowerment Excellent Solution Award".



The 2nd China Security Industry Empowerment Conference & "Glory Security" Awards Ceremony

shuiyin Mr. Wang Jingliang, Director of Fresh Internet, attended the awards ceremony

shuiyin Fresh and Connected Smart Site Solution Won "Glory Security-AIoT Empowerment Excellent Solution Award"

The theme of the conference is the application of technology empowerment in different trends in the security industry, focusing on AIoT technology innovation and scenario-based in-depth application, and exploring a new round of innovation brought by the exchange of new technologies to the overall industry chain. At the same time, four awards were awarded: “Honor and Security-AIoT Empowerment”. It is understood that the selection of awards revolves around the theme "AIoT empowerment". After three months of rigorous and objective review, the current series of products, technologies and cases with outstanding performance in the security industry are excavated.

The award-winning "intelligent construction site 4G wireless image transmission comprehensive solution" participated in the conference and participated in the awards fully utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and wireless video, and penetrates "intelligence" into every detail of construction and operation in. The scheme is simplified, the massive data is graphically displayed, the real-time status of all construction sites is viewed through a visual big data platform, and the project progress, project plans, personnel, equipment, violations, etc. are uniformly managed.

shuiyin A big picture of fresh and connected smart construction site big data

In the design of the scheme, it effectively integrates 4G / 5G wireless transmission, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data cloud platform technologies to provide a complete set of solutions for the construction site management industry. The plan includes decentralized subsystems such as attendance, panoramic monitoring, video monitoring, tower crane / elevator, mobile monitoring, environmental protection detection, and vehicle management in the current construction site management, so that the subsystems interact with each other. Applying fresh and connected deep learning artificial intelligence technology to ensure real-time safe construction, civilized construction and green construction in scenarios such as import and export, key areas, vehicle / personnel movement supervision, and panorama.

shuiyin Fresh and interconnected "Smart site 4G wireless image transmission integrated solution" system topology

With the formal commercialization of 5G in China and the continuous evolution of artificial intelligence technology, the security industry is gaining momentum and is about to enter the high-speed "big security" era. Traditional security borders have become increasingly blurred, and new technologies and concepts have blossomed into more industry applications. Only continuous innovation and active innovation outside the circle of ease can survive.

Qingxin Internet actively promotes the in-depth application of technology and products in the industry, clarifies user needs, focuses on users, is service-oriented, and innovatively launches a variety of innovative and complete solutions including "smart sites. Actively deploy 5G, seize market opportunities, and commit to the application of wireless intelligent video technology in depth exploration in various scenarios and fields. At present, only in the field of construction site security subdivision, Qingxin Internet has completed the construction of intelligent management systems for nearly 100 large-scale construction sites. In the future, Fresh Connect will continue to explore and implement more intelligent scene applications, making wisdom at your fingertips.

Press releases are welcome to contact directly: QQ 34004818 WeChat public account: cpsjyzb

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