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"Secret" in the Armed Police Special Battle Uniform

2020-01-13 10:25:38 Source: Textile Herald

Police equipment network 3d之家: As the elite force of China's anti-terrorism operation, it is particularly important to strengthen its armored protection level. As an important part of the clothing, the 13 type armed police special combat suit knee pads and elbow pads can provide stable high absorption and cushioning performance when the knees and elbows are repeatedly subjected to impacts, collisions and other actions. In strong wind, it can also play a certain function of preventing cold and wind.


However, in the use of distribution, it was found that the 13-type knee pads and elbow pads have shortcomings such as insufficient low temperature resistance, poor tear resistance, poor air permeability, and poor fit to the human body. In view of the above deficiencies, it is mainly improved from the perspective of structure and materials. The improved military police special combat suit knee pads and elbow pads are selected from foaming materials. The elastic deformation of the material when it is subjected to external forces brings cushioning and protective effects. At the same time, it has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance, aging resistance, softness and so on.



Improved low temperature folding resistance

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) foaming material has the advantages of light weight, cushioning, shock resistance, stress cracking resistance, and good aging resistance. It is often blended with other plastics and modified. The production and processing technology is relatively mature and is foaming. Materials commonly used for protective gear, so it is used as the main component of knee pads and elbow pads for special operations; EPDM has a small relative density, excellent cold resistance, wear resistance, compression deformation and ozone resistance, and tear resistance Good performance, can still maintain good elasticity at low temperature; olefin block copolymer can enhance the material's compression deformation resistance and wear resistance at high and low temperatures. Therefore, it is preferable to blend and modify the appropriate amount of EPDM, olefin block copolymer and EVA to improve the low temperature folding resistance of the material.

Improved tear resistance "

In order to improve the tear resistance of the finished product, exert good protection performance, and extend the service life at the same time, the tear resistance performance is mainly improved from two aspects. One is blending an appropriate amount of EPDM rubber with excellent tear resistance, and the other is bonding a layer of nylon knitted fabric with good deformation and wear resistance on the outside of the EVA foam material.

Improved breathability

The EVA foam material has poor air permeability. By dispersing several ventilation holes and grooves on the knee pads and elbow pads to increase the air mobility of the protective part and ensure timely sweating during exercise.

Improved fit

First, the three-dimensional structure of knee pads and elbow pads adopts a curve design that better fits the knees and elbows of the human body, providing good fit for officers and soldiers and achieving precise cushioning protection. The size ratio of elbow pads is different from that of knee pads, and it is distinguished between male and female sizes. In order to further improve the flexibility and fit during movement, the knee pads and elbow pads, which are susceptible to bending during joint movements, are cut and grooved in the middle and back of the front, respectively. effect.


Knee support structure

Second, during the production of clothing, buckle straps are sewn at the knee and elbow pockets to limit the movement range of the protective gear; a height-adjusting inner pocket is added to the inserted pocket, and officers and soldiers can put the protective gear in different bags according to individual actual needs. Adjust the position of the protective gear up and down, and also save the cost of processing multi-specification molds.


Slotting diagram

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