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Ningde City Public Security Bureau Jiaocheng Branch Announcement on the Results of the 2020 Auxiliary Police Clothing Procurement Project

2020-01-13 11:06:58 Source: China Government Procurement Network

Police Equipment Network News:

1. Project name: Ningde City Public Security Bureau Jiaocheng Branch Bureau 2020 auxiliary police clothing procurement project

2. Project Number: [350900] HF [XJ] 2020001

3. Name of purchaser: Jiaocheng Branch of Ningde Public Security Bureau

Address: 123 Jiaocheng South Road

Project Leader: Liu Yushan

Phone: 18859302900

4. Name of agency: Ningde Hengfu Tendering Co., Ltd.

Address: 803, East Lake Royal View, Dongqiao Economic Development Zone, Ningde City, Ningde City, Ningde City

Manager: Miss Chen

Phone: 15359030331

5. Date of purchase announcement: 2020-01-03

6. Confirmation date of purchase results: 2020-01-10

7. Qualification and compliance review: The qualification and compliance of all suppliers have passed the review.

8. Deal situation: Package 1

Contract package item number item number item name product name brand specification model quantity unit price total price

11-1A07030101 uniform winter socks Hengxia uniform tailored 110 yuan 10 yuan

11-2A07030101 uniform silk badge Hengxia uniform tailor-made 18 yuan 8 yuan

11-3A07030101 Uniform epaulets (soft) Hengsha uniform tailored 110 yuan 10 yuan

11-4A07030101 uniform silk chest size Hengsha uniform tailored 15 yuan 5 yuan

11-5A07030101 uniform spring and autumn hat summer hat (with hat emblem) Hengxia uniform tailored 145 yuan 45 yuan

11-6A07030101 uniform police glasses Hengxia uniform tailor-made 168 yuan 68 yuan

11-7A07030101 uniform police gloves Hengxia uniform tailor-made 130 yuan 30 yuan

11-8A07030101 uniform police helmet Hengxia uniform tailored 150 yuan 50 yuan

11-9A07030101 Uniform police work packet Hengsha uniform tailored 1340 yuan 340 yuan

11-10A07030101 Uniform police work bag Hengsha uniform tailored clothing 1370 yuan 370 yuan

11-11A07030101 Uniform Lined Hengxia Uniform Tailored 1115 Yuan 115 Yuan

11-12A07030101 uniform rubber shoes Hengxia uniform tailored 144 yuan 44 yuan

11-13A07030101 Uniform inner belt Hengxia uniform tailor-made 140 yuan 40 yuan

11-14A07030101 Uniform long-sleeved shirt (including armbands) Hengsha uniform tailored South 1120 yuan 120 yuan

11-15A07030101 Uniform summer trousers (standard trousers) Hengxia uniform tailored 1135 yuan 135 yuan

11-16A07030101 uniform spring and autumn duty service (including armbands) Hengsha uniform tailored 1375 yuan 375 yuan

11-17A07030101 Uniform Winter Duty Quilted (including armbands) Hengsha uniform tailored 1470 yuan 470 yuan

11-18A07030101 uniform multi-functional coat Hengxia uniform tailor-made 1330 yuan 330 yuan

11-19A07030101 uniform winter pants Hengxia uniform tailored 1145 yuan 145 yuan

11-20A07030101 uniform training service Hengsha uniform tailored 1160 yuan 160 yuan

11-21A07030101 uniform training cap Hengxia uniform tailored 120 yuan 20 yuan

11-22A07030101 Uniform Short Sleeve T-shirt Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1120 yuan 120 yuan

11-23A07030101 Uniform Long Sleeve T-shirt Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1125 yuan 125 yuan

11-24A07030101 uniform sweater Hengxia uniform tailored 1220 yuan 220 yuan

11-25A07030101 Uniform inner belt Hengxia uniform tailored 130 yuan 30 yuan

11-26A07030101 uniform police shoes Hengxia uniform tailor-made 1270 yuan 270 yuan

11-27A07030101 uniform special police spring and autumn long-sleeved combat training clothes Hengxia uniform tailor-made 1450 yuan 450 yuan

11-28A07030101 Uniform SWAT Winter Training Uniform Hengsha Uniform Tailoring 1470 yuan 470 yuan

11-29A07030101 uniform special police combat cap Hengxia uniform tailored 145 yuan 45 yuan

11-30A07030101 uniform special police short sleeve round neck T-shirt Hengxia uniform tailored 1125 yuan 125 yuan

11-31A07030101 Uniform SWAT Long Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1135 Yuan 135 Yuan

11-32A07030101 uniform special police summer combat training boots Hengxia uniform tailor-made 1420 yuan 420 yuan

11-33A07030101 uniform special police canvas combat shoes Hengxia uniform tailored clothing 1180 yuan 180 yuan

11-34A07030101 uniform special police sign Hengsha uniform tailored 120 yuan 20 yuan

11-35A07030101 uniform special police winter cotton clothes Hengsha uniform tailored clothing 1500 yuan 500 yuan

11-36A07030101 Uniform SWAT Belt Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 138 Yuan 38 Yuan

11-37A07030101 uniform special police autumn combat training boots Hengxia uniform tailored clothing 1420 yuan 420 yuan

11-38A07030101 Uniform tie Hengxia uniform tailor-made 113 yuan 13 yuan

11-39A07030101 Uniform Iron Epaulette Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 17 yuan 7 yuan

11-40A07030101 uniform iron chest number Hengsha uniform tailored 16 yuan 6 yuan

11-41A07030101 Uniform Raincoat Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1190 yuan 190 yuan

11-42A07030101 Uniform Rain Boots Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 140 yuan 40 yuan

11-43A07030101 Uniform Reflective Vest Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 139 yuan 39 yuan

11-44A07030101 Uniform Spring and Autumn Uniform Hengsha Uniform Tailoring 1450 yuan 450 yuan

11-45A07030101 Uniform Summer Duty Service (Shirt with Armband) Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1115 Yuan 115 Yuan

11-46A07030101 uniform police training suit Hengxia uniform tailor-made 1120 yuan 120 yuan

11-47A07030101 uniform summer socks Hengxia uniform tailored 110 yuan 10 yuan

11-48A07030101 Uniform Leather Sandals Hengxia Uniform Tailoring 1260 yuan 260 yuan

11-49A07030101 Uniform Spring and Autumn Pants Hengsha Uniform Tailoring 1115 yuan 115 yuan

11-50A07030101 uniform special police summer war training service Hengxia uniform tailored clothing 1450 yuan 450 yuan

See the bidding documents for a basic overview of service requirements or targets

Successful Supplier Name Hunan Hengxia Shijia Clothing Co., Ltd.

The address of the successful supplier is No. 406, Building 17, Tongtang Road, Tongfeng Road, Shifeng District, Zhuzhou City

Successful bid amount 827.00 yuan

9. Charge amount: 10,000 yuan

Charging standard: Bidding agency service fee: The bidding agency service fee (winning bid service fee) of this project is collected from the successful bidder, and the bidding service fee of this project contract package 1 is 10,000 yuan from the dry bidder.

Account name: Ningde Hengfu Tendering Co., Ltd. Account bank: China Construction Bank Co., Ltd. Ningde Dongqiao Sub-branch Account number: 35001686107052518311

10. Others (contracted supply, fixed-point procurement project information): /

11. List of members of the inquiry group

Buyer Representative: Liu Yushan (Pack 1)

Review Experts: Yu Shenfei, Huang Qiuping

12. The announcement period is one working day from the date of the announcement.

Ningde Hengfu Tendering Co., Ltd.

January 13, 2020

Press releases are welcome to contact directly: QQ 34004818 WeChat public account: cpsjyzb

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