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发布时间:2013-07-06 10:59:11 Product name: Shenzhou Eye Network Video Surveillance System Release time: 2013-07-06 10:59:11

Company Name: Shenzhen Qiangmeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 0755-83047758
  • Mobile: 18938548812
  • Contact: Miss Zhang
  • Address: 4th Floor, Building 4, Guangdian Cultural Creative, Qingqing Road, Qinghu, Longhua New District, Shenzhen

    product description:

    The detailed product introduction is mainly aimed at users who need centralized storage of video images, alarm and video linkage, remote small video conferences, and users with small monitoring units. In order to save costs and improve efficiency, it is recommended that users adopt the "Qiongman video remote centralized monitoring and monitoring system" "This system is suitable for remote centralized monitoring of school buses, taxis, logistics vehicles, wireless base stations, mines, forests, reservoirs, oil fields, police vehicles, police enforcement and other police remote monitoring without wired networks. System features ▲ System modular structure The system software and hardware all adopt a modular structure, and each module has a clear function. Set up modules according to different requirements of users to realize various configurations and functions. Conducive to maintenance and repair, fault diagnosis, field repair. ▲ High reliability and stability The front-end host system uses an embedded structure and a dedicated software system, and the trouble-free operation time exceeds 26,000 hours. ▲ Adopting H.264 encoding H.264 encoding technology can make this system provide a clearer monitoring picture and lower bandwidth consumption compared to other encoding format systems. ▲ Strong network compatibility The front-end host of the system provides a 10 / 100Base-T port, which can be directly connected to Ethernet. Moreover, the transmission is based on the IP protocol, which can span different types of networks and has strong network compatibility. This feature enables monitoring anywhere the network is connected. ▲ Controllable transmission bandwidth The data transmission bandwidth of each IP network camera can be limited as required to ensure that they do not affect each other when sharing the network channel with other devices. The implementation of this function will prevent users from increasing the network load due to the use of image monitoring and affecting the transmission of other data. ▲ Remote maintenance Through the network, you can remotely set and maintain each front-end IP network camera. When the system encounters a failure, you can remotely restore the operation of the IP network camera. The system provides a LAN interface that supports the TCP / IP protocol, which enables users in the LAN to perform unified network monitoring and management of remote sites, and interactively use data, charts, videos and other information. ▲ The software and hardware are closely combined with the monitoring center, which can be monitored online, or can be decompressed by hardware and connected to the TV wall of the monitoring center. It breaks through the limitation that the remote monitoring can only be realized by hardware, which fully reflects the combination of software and hardware, real-time, reliability, flexibility and practicality coexist. ▲ Multicast technology is applied. Multicast technology can provide real-time video for multiple users while occupying the bandwidth of a video stream, which is very suitable for the system requirements of multiple users monitoring or establishing a multi-level monitoring center at the same time. ▲ Multi-screen automatic switching can automatically switch between multi-screen split modes, and the monitoring screen can be displayed on full screen. ▲ Friendly graphical Chinese interface, full screen display of monitoring screen, video display, alarm linkage, operation control at a glance. Technical advantages: The fusion of alarm and linkage alarm saves the cost of other alarm systems for small alarm users. Advanced network transmission function and multi-stream code transmission switching function make the image remote and local real-time. Mobile phone monitoring and use, no matter where and when, wherever you are, as long as you open the phone, you can listen to all accurate SMS notification technology, keep up to date with the latest developments, and master all the super compatibility, wireless and wired terminals are compatible, let you do whatever you want , Do as you want Application 1: Video housekeeping, shop, and factory application 2: Wireless car, 3G technology, perfect combination of geographic information

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