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发布时间:2016-05-09 17:02:25 Product name: Upgraded version of Yuanwang wt-30b Release time: 2016-05-09 17:02:25

Company Name: Shenzhen Guangende Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 15910028568
  • Mobile: 15910028568
  • Contact: Wang Kun
  • Address: 1105, South Block, Lijing Building, Luohu District, Shenzhen

    product description:

    wt-30b product introduction: This equipment can realize long-distance observation, guarding, and shooting tasks. Simultaneous set of equipment: direct observation, photographing, and video as a whole, with an auxiliary integrated LCD display screen, the entire set of equipment is a self-contained system, which can be temporarily erected at any time without external power, simple to use, easy to operate, and practical. The device needs to be equipped with large-caliber professional lenses of 80MM or more. The single-view eyepiece of the device can be used to directly observe distant targets with the naked eye. The auxiliary display screen can achieve 55 to 220 times more observation effects. Using the device's camera function, the largest photo The resolution can reach 2592 × 1944dpi, no matter what kind of multiple, you can take pictures and take pictures; using the device's shooting function, the recording time is not less than 2 hours; the device also has access to the automatic detection alarm device, real-time image transmission and other extended functions . Using a special hand-controlled fine-tuning image stabilizer, regardless of observation and shooting, you can quickly move a target 500 meters away within 5 seconds at random. Main features: 80mmED lens, 35x direct telephoto effect, 55x photo effect is equivalent to 2400MM super telephoto 5 million effective pixels, frame size reaches 2592 * 1944, can recognize human faces within 1 km from a distance of 1 km, and recognize the license plate set. Integrated video recording, clear and real-time image quality, remote transmission can be connected to a variety of monitoring systems or network can be connected to the automatic detection alarm device, greatly relieve the pressure of police officers, retractable hood, effectively prevent stray light and reflection, strong concealment http: // www.watchto.com/jieshao/Special/wtb/Index.html

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