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发布时间:2016-12-08 14:13:57 Product name: Thermal camera sight, VES-R075J / Q Thermal camera Release time: 2016-12-08 14:13:57

Company Name: Guangzhou Hengwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 020-87532919
  • Mobile: 400-8545-088
  • Contact: Mr. Chen
  • Address: 6th Floor, Dream Building 6, No. 13 Kexing West Road, Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

product description:

VES-R075J / Q type gun sight (thermoscope sight) is an optoelectronic product that our company uses internationally advanced uncooled detectors and unique imaging circuit components, precise optical systems and reliable structure design. It has the best infrared imaging effect, internationally leading ultra-low power consumption, simple operation, compact and stable structure. It can be used as a sight for various types of light weapons, and can also be used for handheld observation, night reconnaissance, and search for targets. The observation effect is not affected by all-black weather, bad weather, smoke, sand, and fog, etc., and it can truly detect and observe the target day and night and all weather. It is especially suitable for discovering at night, aiming at hiding or moving targets (such as people, animals, vehicles, ships, etc.), and it has obvious effects in field observation, urban counter-terrorism, police homicide, sniper, sea defense, and border defense. Can effectively detect intruders hidden in the bushes, dark places, or in thick smoke, rain, and snow. Present these potential dangers to the monitor. You can even search for "heating spots" in rough terrain at dusk, before dawn, or even in full darkness. The target can be observed through smoke, which is especially suitable for exploring the harsh environment in the wild. Features: Convenient to carry, flexible to operate 24 hours a day, even working in all-black confined spaces, penetrable smoke can detect very small temperature differences. Scope of application: sniper, wild hunting, public security night patrol, detection and defense, Frontier defense, anti-smuggling, reconnaissance, urban counter-terrorism, police seizure, coastal defense. Specifications: Gun sight (thermoscope sight) Model VES-R075J / Q image sensor 384 * 288 polysilicon uncooled focal plane array lens 75mm hard coated germanium lens display mode white heat / black heat switchable correction manual + automatic brightness Adjustable wavelength range 8-14um Thermal sensitivity ≤85mk @ 25 ℃ TV system 50Hz (PAL) / 60Hz (NTSC) Battery specification 1.2V rechargeable lithium battery, 2500mAh

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