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发布时间:2014-06-17 14:20:55 Product name: 101911CM Handheld Radar Speedometer Release time: 2014-06-17 14:20:55

Company Name: Chongqing Maichuang Trading Company

  • Business Type: Distributor
  • Phone: 023-89168180
  • Mobile: 13617651065
  • Contact: Mr. Li
  • Address: 27-9-3 Yuzhou Road, Shiqiaopu, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City

    product description:

    • ※※※ This shop distributes and wholesales imported brand products at home and abroad: laser rangefinders, telescopes, telescopes, astronomical telescopes, infrared night vision devices, infrared thermometers, handheld GPS navigators, infrared cameras, backs, and Meigu vehicles Refrigerators, Kawashima dehumidifiers, Maiou heart rate monitors, Omron sphygmomanometers, Zhou Lin Spectrum Therapy and other purchase service switchboard Telephone: 023-89168180 / 13617651065 Company website www.yukonghe.com Radar Speed Gun! Because of its lightweight, easy to operate, it is quickly welcomed by the majority of speed enthusiasts. Large and clear LCD display with clear and convenient readings! Enjoy endless speed measurement fun! BUSHNELL radar speedometer, its speed measurement accuracy is: +/- 2 KPH (km / hour); +/- 1 MPH (mile / hour). The use of radar speedometer is very simple. After the battery is properly installed, press the power switch below the display lightly, aim at the object in the direction of the object's movement and press the operation key. In real time, the speed of the moving object will be displayed on the display in real time! Speed range of the instrument: Ball: 16-177 km / h (valid for measurements beyond 27 meters) Vehicle: 16-322 km / h (valid for measurements beyond 457 meters) Product number: 10-1911cn Speed unit: KPH (km / Hours); MPH (miles per hour) Speed accuracy: +/- 2 KPH (km / hour); +/- 1 MPH (miles / hour) Speed range: ball: 16-177 km / h (from 27 meters) Start to measure) Speed range: Vehicles: 16-322 km / h (need to measure from 457 meters) Instrument weight: 539 grams Instrument size: 109x213x15 mm Battery type: C (2) Working time: work more than 20 hours a day Temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

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