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发布时间:2017-08-30 19:28:52 Product name: Multifunctional individual soldier portable special strong sound disperser sound wave dissipator strong sound broadcast strong sound long-range broadcast bugle release time: 2017-08-30 19:28:52

Company Name: Guangzhou Shengxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 020-34223740
  • Mobile: 18302044156
  • Contact: Fan Junbo
  • Address: No. 11 Sanyuan West Road, Nangang Village, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou


product description:


* Violent violence, counter-terrorism, public security and stability, group emergency control and management
交通事故、火灾及抢险救援等紧急现场的指挥 Direction of emergency scenes such as traffic accidents, fires and emergency rescues
边防报警、军事或政务巡逻等场合的远程广播。 * Long-distance broadcasting on border guards, military or government patrols.
信号源“MP3信号”、蓝牙、“外部线路输入信号”、“有 Signal source "MP3 signal", Bluetooth, "External line input signal", "Yes

源开关没坏本系统就能正常喊话广播) (The power switch is not broken, the system will be able to shout normally)

需要进行强声驱暴或远距扩声时,可以按下音量提升按 When you need strong riot or long-distance sound reinforcement, you can press the volume up button

内置预设:警笛、驱散、噪声三种基本信号,可根据客户要 Built-in preset: three basic signals: siren, scattering, noise

Electrical interface input, solar charging interface
额定功率:100W Rated power: 100W
最大声压级:136dB±3dB Maximum sound pressure level: 136dB ± 3dB
最大峰值声压级:142dB±dB Maximum peak sound pressure level: 142dB ± dB
有效频率响应:300Hz-12kHz Effective frequency response: 300Hz-12kHz
波束宽度:90°×60°@2.5kHz/-6dB Beam width: 90°×60°@2.5kHz/-6dB
语声传输距离:1000m≥72dB Speech transmission distance: 1000m≥72dB
照明有效射程:100m-200m Effective lighting range: 100m-200m
电池续航时间:≥5h Battery life: ≥5h
外壳防护等级:≥IP55 Enclosure protection level: ≥IP55
体积:215×428×420mm Volume: 215 × 428 × 420mm
净重:10kg Net weight: 10kg
外壳防水等级:IP56 Shell waterproof rating: IP56

* Strong riot, mass emergency control and management
* Command of emergency scenes such as traffic accidents, fires and rescue operations
* Long-distance broadcasting on border guards, military or government patrols, etc.

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