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发布时间:2017-09-20 15:14:52 Product Name: HP DSJ-A8 single police law enforcement audio and video recorderRelease time: 2017-09-20 15:14:52

Company Name: Shenzhen Liangying Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 13631631958
  • Phone:
  • Contact: Zeng Qingsu
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Building A, Kangmai Technology Industrial Park, No.229 Fumin Renmin Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen


product description:

A good partner for small, portable law enforcement

    76x55x26mm , 主机只有108克,特别适合在执法执勤中携带,配合外接摄像头功能,(可选配多款摄像头,如红外摄像头、纽扣式摄像头、佩戴帽檐上的摄像头等,)可隐蔽录像,是执法者的好搭档。 The HP DSJ-A8 is only 76x55x26mm in size and the host is only 108 grams. It is particularly suitable for carrying in law enforcement duties, with external camera functions. Covert video is a good partner for law enforcement.

HD clearer and super night vision

    动态1296P/30帧摄像,拍照可达3600万像素,大画幅高清视频,拍摄效果更出众,更具红外夜视功能,6米可见人脸,10米见人体轮廓,在低照度环境下拍摄清晰流畅的画面。 HP DSJ-A8 has a dynamic 1296P / 30 frame camera, which can take up to 36 million pixels, large format high-definition video, more outstanding shooting effects, more infrared night vision function, 6 meters visible human face, 10 meters see human contour, Take clear and smooth pictures under illuminance.


Humanized design, more convenient

    Equipped with two 1800mAh large-capacity batteries, dual-core architecture, long standby time, and continuous recording for up to 8 hours on duty.

    Super long file names, all file names include product number, time, user number and other information for easy data archiving and retrieval;

   Video data is automatically divided and saved to prevent data loss due to misoperation;

   One-click playback function, which can play back recordings, videos, and photos on-site to facilitate the work needs of law enforcement officers;

   In addition, the HP DSJ-A8's three-meter high drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof design makes law enforcement recorders more durable and meets industry needs.

DSJ-A8 parameter table:

screen size

2.0 inches

Sensing type

CMOS sensor

Video bit rate

2.5Mbit / s

Video resolution

2560 * 1080 2304 * 1296 1920 * 1080 30P / 60P 1280 * 720 30P / 60P VGA848 * 480

Photo resolution

36 million pixels

Wide angle

140 degrees



Video file format



16G 32G 64G 128G

battery capacity

1800mA (two batteries, dual power and dual charge)

Video playback

Support 1 ~ 128 times fast forward and rewind playback

Digital zoom

Support zoom 1 ~ 16 times

Illumination requirements

All weather (auxiliary infrared)




108g + 18g (host + back clip)

Operating temperature

-30 ~ 55 degrees

Continuous recording time

8 hours (requires battery replacement)

Infrared night vision

Under night vision, human face can be seen at 6 meters, and human contour can be seen at 10 meters

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