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发布时间:2017-11-24 10:59:36 Product name: Real population control APP Release time: 2017-11-24 10:59:36

Company Name: Beijing Zhuohua Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Trade Enterprise
  • Phone: 010-56176200
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  • Contact: Mr. Liu
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Huasheng Tiancheng Scientific Research Building, Phase II, Zhongguancun Software Park, Northeast Wangxi Road, Haidian District, Beijing

product description:

The real population management and control application is a comprehensive business tool that provides real-time collection of population and data, real-time comparison, dynamic application, and wide-ranging functions for grass-roots police, community police, and community cadres in the daily work to grasp the actual population situation. This application can realize data collection, comparison, application, interaction, and many other services, so that the real population base is clear and the situation is clear, and the police can strengthen the control of the actual population situation.


户籍人口管控 -Household registration and control

走访采集 户籍人口的基本情况,逐门逐户对户籍人口核查和管控。 Collect the basic situation of the registered population through home visits , and verify and control the registered population from door to door.

Separate households

人户分离底数, 加强 户籍派出所直接的沟通联系, 把双向 管控落到实处 Grasp the base of separation of households within the jurisdiction , strengthen the direct communication and connection between household registration police stations, and implement two-way control .

Control of floating population

数据, 全面 掌握人员流动情况 Collect real-time information on migrants to fully understand the movement of people .

标注 Rental house labeling

标准地址库, 自动 定位标注出租房屋地理位置,采集户内住户人员信息数据。 Using the standard address library, the location of the rented house is automatically located and marked, and the information of the household personnel is collected. 房屋进行全面 管控 Comprehensive management and control of rental houses .

Unit store control

通过定期走访,采集并核查社区内单位、门店等信息数据。 Through regular visits, the police collect and verify information and data such as units and stores in the community. 门店现状,确保采取有效管控措施。 Real-time understanding of the status of unit stores to ensure effective control measures.

Key population control

走访的方式,定期走访列管重点人员, 建立重点人员实时动态信息档案,健全重点人员信息采集与预警管理。 Through face-to-face visits, regular visits to key personnel are organized, real-time dynamic information files for key personnel are established, and information collection and early warning management for key personnel is improved.

Security Hazard Prevention

民警及时记录辖区内安全隐患详情,并跟踪处理 减少隐患 发生,防控于未然。 The community police shall record the details of the hidden dangers in the area under control in a timely manner, and track and deal with them to reduce the occurrence of hidden dangers and prevent and control them before they occur.

Statistical analysis of data

人口、实有房屋等 人口统计指标体系与社会信息统计分析结果相结合进行统计分析,为领导和管理部门提供科学的决策支持。 Combining the demographic index system of the real population and real housing with the results of social information statistical analysis for statistical analysis, to provide scientific decision-making support for leadership and management departments.

Information interaction management

Police officers can push business information to the police or other police at any time to implement information transmission and verification services between police.

Supervision and management

Supervise and manage the daily police work of police officers and the inspection, feedback, implementation, prevention and control of recent hot spots in the jurisdiction.


-APP Features

1. Establish a person-to-person and person-to-rental relationship, so that the population base is clear and the situation is clear, and key personnel in the area can be found and controlled in a timely manner.

2. One-click association, automatically correlate the query business data with index, intelligent prompt, and automatically establish the business relationship and return to the background.

3. Real-time statistics, periodic analysis, and dynamic assessment, provide decision-making services for leaders, and guide the development of community police work.

4. Accuracy, real-time and comprehensive information collection, realizing information "one-click collection, full police application".


场景 -Application scenario

The community police takes the mobile device to check the home. The system will automatically locate the coordinate information of the house and the address of the house. The police will verify the basic information, history and current status of the inspected person, and control it based on the basic information and status information. The object and house information is collected and returned to the background business system.


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