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发布时间:2018-01-30 22:59:06 Product Name: Police Riot Helmet PC Riot Helmet Manufacturer Henan Pudong Time: 2018-01-30 22:59:06

Company Name: Henan Pujing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 15939027200
  • Mobile: 15939027200
  • Contact: Zhao Zhiqiang
  • Address: Plain Demonstration Zone, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

product description:

Police riot helmet PC riot helmet manufacturer Henan Pudong

浦喆 Brand: Pu'er

PZ —201 Model: PZ —201            

河南浦喆电子科技有限公司 Manufacturer: Henan Pujing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 20180130225648238.jpg Police riot helmet PC riot helmet manufacturer Henan Pudong

Product Features:

头盔壳体选用日本高抗冲 PC/ABS合金树脂材料制成。 1. The helmet shell is made of Japanese high-impact PC / ABS alloy resin material. The goggles mask is made of PC resin.
头盔根据人体头型设计,采用优质抗震材料,安全可靠。 2. The helmet is designed according to the head shape of the human body and uses high-quality seismic materials, which is safe and reliable.
头盔内部采用新型布料,用于安全帽内衬,增强 “吸湿、排汗、杀菌”等特效,让人体头部在得到最安全的保证,也能体现最佳舒适感觉。 3. The new fabric inside the helmet is used for the lining of the helmet, which enhances the special effects such as "moisture absorption, perspiration, and sterilization".
头盔内部具有良好的通风和保暖装置。 4. The helmet has good ventilation and heating devices. 20180130225703968.jpg Police riot helmet PC riot helmet manufacturer Henan Pudong
头盔表面涂层颜色鲜明、光洁、不易沾污及脱落。 5. The color of the surface coating of the helmet is bright, smooth, and not easy to stain and fall off. Goggle lenses are clear and colorless, and have good toughness and are not easily broken to ensure that users' vision is not affected.
简便等 优点 6.It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, smooth lines, good transmittance of the mask lens, wide field of vision, comfortable wearing, reliable, easy to put on and take off, etc. 20180130225723151.jpg Police riot helmet PC riot helmet manufacturer Henan Pudong

Technical parameters:

壳体材料: PC/ABS 合金树脂材料 1. Housing material: PC / ABS alloy resin material
PC 材质,透光率: ≥85% 2. Mask : PC material, light transmittance: ≥85%
颜色: “99”式J服藏蓝色; 3. Color: "99" style J service in blue;

4. Quality: 1.2kg

5. Neck length: 115mm 20180130225739476.jpg

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