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发布时间:2018-08-02 15:06:13 Product name: FBG-G1-ZK-E2 Explosion-proof tank Release time: 2018-08-02 15:06:13

Company Name: Zhongkong Smart Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Business Type: Production Enterprise
  • Phone: 13392303672
  • Phone:
  • Contact: Gong
  • Address: No. 26, 188 Industrial Avenue, Pingshan, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City


product description:

Performance and characteristics

630mm ,罐内直径: 598mm ,罐厚度 16mm Outside diameter of the tank: 630mm , inside diameter of the tank: 598mm , thickness of the tank is 16mm . 775mm ,罐总重量: 270kg Tank height: 775mm , total tank weight: 270kg .

16mm 高强度、耐冲击碳素钢板,并符合 GB700-1998 标准中采用的碳素钢板有关要求。 The inner and outer layers are made of 16mm high-strength, impact-resistant carbon steel plate, and meet the relevant requirements of the carbon steel plate used in the GB700-1998 standard. 1.5kgTNT 炸药的爆炸能量并且容纳所以横向爆炸破片,外罐罐体完整,无裂缝无掉块。 It can withstand the explosive energy of 1.5kg TNT explosive and accommodate all lateral explosion fragments. The outer tank body is complete without cracks and lumps. If no explosion occurs, it can be stored for life. 1 2kg 的防 TNT 爆炸能量防爆罐) (Optional anti - TNT explosion energy explosion-proof tanks resistant to 1 , 2kg )

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