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New Product Express

  • Blue Solitary Shoulder Light

    Blue Solitary Shoulder Light

  • Law enforcement recorder DSJ-TCLC1A1

    Law enforcement recorder DSJ-T

  • CVR-100P handheld resident identification card reading machine

    CVR-100P hand

  • Dual-source dual-view X-ray security inspection machine AD-6550

    Dual-source dual-view X-ray security inspection machine

  • Through metal detection door

    Through metal detection door

  • Detonation robot

    Detonation robot

  • Saliva drug tester

    Saliva drug tester

  • 4G law enforcement instrument DSJ-ROWZ1

    4G law enforcement instrument DSJ-R

  • Covey Thai drone counter

    Covey Thai drone counter

  • Six-rotor drone X1100

    Six-rotor drone X1


Bidding Information

Jinan Public Security Bureau Tender Notice 01-14
Tender Notice for Law Enforcement Recorder of Shangrao Public Security Bureau
Rongcheng County Public Security Bureau Electronic Police Bidding Announcement 01-13
Tender Notice for Police Clothing of Honghe Prefecture Public Security Bureau
Public Security Bureau Tender Notice for Shandong Province 01-13
Yugan County Tender Notice for Electronic Monitoring Equipment 01-13
Beijing Public Security Bureau Information Equipment Tendering Announcement 01-13
Alxa Electric Police Signal Tender Announcement 01-10

Product purchase

Baotou Emergency Carrying Equipment Demonstration
Face recognition security system debuts at Capital Airport
Demystifying the Shanghai Electronic Police Work Process09-21
U.S. police with hybrid police car 04-13
Jiangsu: Fire UAV Purchase 02-15
Jiangxi: Warning Lights for Traffic Police Division of Public Security Department
Jiangsu: Suzhou Public Security Fire Truck Procurement 12-28
Guangdong: Shenzhen Community Fire Fighting Equipment Procurement 12-27

Product Supply

Telescopic warning screen-white section 12-26
Summer traffic police cycling clothing high-end police riding 12-25
Traffic Police Winter Riding Suit Police Riding Costume 12-23
Traffic law enforcement scene warning screen 12-14
Wireless video detector 11-29
Office mat
Car parking cushion (small) 08-12
Full finger of cycling gloves (fluorescent yellow) 08-12